The classic Allmans Woodstock 2 appearance in its entirety

In August 1969 at the time of the original Woodstock Festival in upstate New York, the Allman Brothers were barely out of nappies. They had however travelled to New York from their hometown of Macon, Georgia. ABB were in town to record their eponymous debut album, to be released in November of 69 on the new Capricorn label. 25 years and the lion’s share of one tumultuous but extraordinary career later, and the story was a very different one.

The Allmans now featuring Gregg Allman alongside other founding members Dickey Betts, Butch Trucks and Jaimoe, plus Warren Haynes and Allen Woody were asked to perform at Woodstock 94 (subtitled Two More Days Of Peace & Music ) on Sunday 14th August, when the group played a storming set running 80 minutes, alongside original Woodstock performers Crosby, Stills & Nash, Santana and Joe Cocker.

Performing largely classic ABB tunes, including of course, Jessica , Midnight Rider , Whipping Post and Blue Sky , the group bravely played two cuts from then new album Back Where It All Begins too. This CD features the Allman Brothers Band s complete set from Woodstock 94, which, released here for the first time, will delight and excite every last Allmans fan still flying the flag for these pioneering southern rock stalwarts.

  1. Statesboro Blues 5:37
  2. Blue Sky 6:53
  3. The Same Thing 8:42
  4. Soulshine 6:35
  5. Midnight Rider 3:53
  6. Jessica 10:54
  7. No One To Run With 6:23
  8. Back Where It All Begins 9:59
  9. One Way Out 10:19

10. Whipping Post 11:19

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