LFD AUDIO: Moving towards battery drive perhaps?

A reader asked us to put the following to Dr. Bews:

I am looking for a high-quality battery powered amplifier. I have seen a few listed on eBay from other makers and one from DIY Kits but I figured I would ask  to see if such a beast exists. 

The power to my home is noisy and fluctuates between 227 volts to 244 volts. The frequency is solid, relative to the voltage.

I would rather invest in a battery system than big £s on line cleaners and isolation. I have a medical grade trip-lite line isolation box.  It does OK, but I think DC to DC is the way to go for purity of sound without huge expenditure on electronics.

Any thoughts? 

I prefer to buy LFD if at all possible.

This will be used with Totem Hawk speakers, McCormack Line Drive passive preamp, Linn Sondek LP12 

Thank you in advance. H

The reply

I am NOT going to manufacture battery amplifiers UNLESS they are for the high end (phonostages/linestages), since the cost to manufacture and design (innovative ) is high.

I found out many years ago that for phonostages/linestages that VERY high quality linear power supplies can approach or sometimes surpass battery supplies (if the batteries just replace existing a PSU), since batteries have there own sound and small batteries (2 to 5Ah) can sound a little weedy as well.

I do agree that for the ultimate high end, it is probably a good solution, but i would estimate that you are talking about £50k+ per item, i.e not the real world. for normal customers.

I believe that very high quality linear PSU are the most cost effective solution that i have found so far.

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