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GROUNDING BOXES - do they work?



David Rance

Proper amp power supplies should isolate the amp circuit very well. Grounding boxes are a foo thing which can actually add rf noise into a system. For wealthy audiophools only really, who are easily influenced by unsubstantiated bull...


John Mayberry

Not sure what a grounding box is exactly. I do know that in professional audio (especially in the analog world), the process of designing a proper electrical ground involves a number of factors. I'm not sure what the difference might be when most homes share neutral conductors.Clearly the use of K-13 transformers (they make higher rated ones) helps tremendously when only the audio system is connected to it. As do isolated chemical ground rods, single point connections, and a variety of standards.And yes, it does sound much better. Removes more bad from the system. Quiet is quiet


Richard Fleming

If I'm interpreting correctly I agree with the above comment. The final signal is a modulation of the input "garbage in garbage out" and that includes the powerline.


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