Thousands of miles: music in exile


If you’ve ever travelled abroad, you’ll know what it is to be an 'alien'

I’ve never really labelled myself as one during my life on the road as a performing artist, but believe me, I’ve felt like an alien more times than I can count. Scratching my head about the food, the transport, the unique national customs bound up in a foreign language (or one I struggle with having not spoken it since school…).


For brief periods of a few weeks or even a couple months, it’s manageable, even novel to start a home from scratch out of a hotel room or rented apartment. But I struggle to imagine what it would feel like to completely relocate one’s entire life to another country, a foreign town, to live truly as an alien away from friends, family or any kind of familiarity, without much hope of return. For me, that would be a private torture.

That said, I must admit that I am in some way an ......

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