Breaking out of the genre box

Exploring our genre-less musical past with The Alehouse Sessions

Although I am a violinist specializing in Baroque music I have always considered myself as something of a free spirit and so, when I found myself increasingly engaged to follow the notes written on the page, I realized it was time to break loose and start my own ensemble. I came up with the idea of Barokksolistene - a musical platform, based on the foundations of early music but designed as an open space where I could hand-pick my musicians and explore different aspects of presenting music, through unusual programming, a focus on improvisation and collaborations with various people from different fields. Our aim is not simply to be 'virtuoso' but also to step out of our comfort zones and really let rip.

For me music has always simply been music - it doesn’t need to be labelled or categorized and by doing so I think we risk making it elite. So when I was putting together a programme in 2007 for a Norwegian Festival which had an English theme, I started to ......

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