ASK ALEX: Why was jazz and blues important to African American culture?

Jazz and Blues was created from the emotional experiences , oppression , poverty , and living conditions that African Americans lived in in the Southern United States.

The social and ascetic elements stem from African Americans creating their own styles , sounds , cultures and music. Blues and Jazz represented oppressed voices that would not bow down and be silent to the oppressive white power movements and social and political injustices.

The Blues is one of the biggest music events as it brought great economic growth and liberation to such a oppressed group of people . The 1860’s was when the Blues started and it was one of the most restrictive time periods for African Americans as there was social and political segregation , they had no rights , no freedom , they had to survive and stay alert to persecution for the most racially biased crimes for example siting on the wrong part of the bus , or crimes whites would get away with would be a problem for African Americans.

Blues was a movement which meant African Americans could go to their own community outlets and relax and enjoy being around their people and not feel threatened from white prejudice .”It also considers the features of Blues music, including rhythms and tones, lyrics and art of performance and its capacity to build identity and a sense of community, and the capacity of these features to inspire social movements.”.

Blues was building on African spiritual and musical traditions and European folk music , emphasising improvisation and expression , gave rise to be a popular music . Jazz has been credited as freeing whites from emotional and sexual repression , rock and roll has been credited at being anti war movement in the 1960’s. Blues is also seen as woman’s emancipation .


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