ASK ALEX: Rap vs Hip Hop / Damian Marley / Nirvana vs Foo Fighters

Contemporary music editor Alex M writes ...

Q1: I want to get into Nirvana / Foo Fighters. Are they pretty close to being identical music, or is there a distinct ‘border between them? Either way though, what are the essential recordings and why. Thanks. Matt.

The Drummer from Nirvana Dave Growl is the lead in Foo Fighters. Both could be in same category but Nirvana are a unique style and Foo Fighters with more contemporary Rock themes. Nirvanas biggest album is Never-mind and most influential single “smells like teen spirit” . Foo fighters best album Concrete and Gold with biggest single being “Everlong and The Pretender”.

Q2: If i am in a pub quiz and the question “in the fewest words, what are the essential differences between hip hop and Rap?” what is the optimum answer? Thanks . Martyna K

The difference between rap and hip hop is that hip-hop is a culture with four elements that include deejaying , mcing,graffiti and dancing (break dancing).Rap is more just the form of music that has become so big its split into its own categories within itself.

Q3: Damian Marley. Who is he, why should i be listening to him and where should I start. Cheers. Meyer L

Damian Marley is one of Bob Marley’s sons and Cindy Breakspeare miss world 1976. Damian Marley started by Djing and also is a singer,songwriter , record producer and lyricist . Some of his best songs are road to zion , Make it bun dem, medication , welcome to jam rock and All night . Damian Marley is also a advocate for legalising marijuana , there is a great interview on channel 4 of him talking about it.

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