ASK ALEX: Latin Hip Hop / Korean Hip Hop / Norwegian home-grown Rap

Contemporary music editor Alex M writes ...

Q7: latin hip-hop. Worth listening to do you think? if yes then are there essential recordings yet?

Latin Hip Hop is a growing theme also i would recommend rap songs that have Spanish artists featured. songs with Spanish artists featured that have come out recently are linked below , also some latin hip hop artists i found are as follows:

Calle13, Cartel de santa , Pib Pun , Mellow Man Ace.

Q8: Korean hip-hop. How is it distinguished from USA type? How, if at all is this influenced by Korean culture please?

Korean Hip Hop talks about problems in parts of South Korea within social , political and economic injustices here are some artists i found . Jay Park , Epik High , Dok2 , Zico

Q9: Norwegian home grown rap; is there any point and, if so, why?

Highsnobiety have just done a article on this so it might be worth a listen to the following , Arif - Hun Bruker meg , Cezando , Dutty Dior,Isak Shorty , Ivan Ave, Kamelen.


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