Paddy Milner & Marcus Bonfanti Interview

Marcus Bonfanti & Paddy Milner

Blues In Britain magazine write: One of our favourite line-ups is Earl Thomas with Paddy Milner & the Big Sounds, comprising nine very talented musicians. Two of them, Paddy Milner and Marcus Bonfanti, came in to Blues In Britain to talk to Fran Leslie and made her day. Here is their unexpurgated conversation from Issue 97.

Fran: How did you two start to play together?

Marcus: It started when I moved back down to London. I was living in Liverpool for about six years and I moved into a house with Paddy. We’d met a couple of times at social events and gigs but we ended up living in the same house together for about six, seven months.
I depped a gig for Paddy’s guitarist in Paddy’s own band. From there, we got involved in the Earl Thomas project.
Paddy: I met Marcus initially through mutual friends. There were eight of us in the same house. It was after college and university, the first house that everyone lived in London; it was a great vibe, eight musicians.
Marcus: Brilliant! Not a lot of sleeping got done.
Paddy: Constant music and good times really.

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