JIM ROGERS SPEAKERS: How to get a good sound out of JR 149s?

What are people's experiences with JR 149s?

I have a pair being driven by a Quad 520 . The sound is not very satisfactory -- it sounds "amplified." I wonder if people have found a really successful amp for them.

Someone I know loves the sound he gets out of them with a Leak ST20. That's 10W per channel. But it turns out that he listens very vert close and very quietly. I want to be able to listen in a smallish room -- 15'x15' -- though not to loud music -- a harpsichord or a handful of voices max or a few string instruments max.

And then there's the question of positioning. Does anyone think that the wall brackets Jim Rogers produced are a good idea for the sound? I have mine on stands but close to a wall, 10'apart.

Oh my source is an old Deltec Bigger Bit DAC; no preamp.

I'm toying with the idea of getting a PASS Aleph 30 clone for them.

It may be that these speakers were designed for nearfield monitoring and it's just not possible to get a satisfactory room filling sound from them.

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