STAX: The very rare energiser

I recently acquired a set of Stax Lambda’s and a custom built driver unit on eBay from a bloke in New Zealand. The driver unit was quite different from any Stax model I had ever seen. It was quite huge for a start! Once it arrived, I discovered that it was a model 50/1SC and had been made by Farnell in Wetherby, Yorkshire!!!

My first reaction was naturally “EE BAH GUM!” With my limited Yorkshire vernacular exhausted, I hooked it all up to see if it would explode or at least smoke a little. It did not happen. It sounded great! However, it did become apparent after awhile that some minor servicing was needed. My questions are, can you tell me anything about this Farnell thingy and if a schematic can be obtained from somewhere.

I have used every resource at my disposal and can find absolutely nothing on this device. I do regret this. Frustrating for both you and I. Thank you for the query.

Howard Popeck

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