QUAD: 909 upgrade help ?

Editor’s note: Greetings from the UK. Here’s a thread – from a while back - that some members here might find contains interesting observations, advice and, perhaps, more. In my view, certainly worth dipping in and out of if even if you have only a few minutes to spare. Neil.


Looking for a high power and high current, and most importantly smooth sounding amp that will offer a clear upgrade on my previous Quad 909, and drive Dynaudio Contour 1.3SE.

Tried so far;

  • Hypex Ncore (good, but too quick/clean sounding for my tastes)
  • Plinius Hautonga (see above)
  • Job 225 (can't seem to get the best from the speakers at low levels)

So far concluded that I need to find an amp with similar midrange quality as the Quad, but with more open top end.

Tried and failed to find a Meridian 559, so any alternatives along the same lines appreciated. At this rate i'll be swapping to more sensitive speakers and class A/valves, which seems an easier route to a smoother less fatiguing sound.

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