TANNOY: Which classic amps for their GRF Autographs?

My Small flea power amps are fine powering my Tannoy Grf Autographs when I am in my listening room alone, However these 2 watt amps are just not powerful enough if i want to crank up the volume when i am working in different parts of the house.

As the Tannoys are happy being fed anything up to 500 watts, it occured to me I should maybe buy a solid state amp for those occasions, which would include parties etc when room filling, nay, house filling sound levels are required.

If I am to buy something it seems an opportunity to perhaps buy something classic and fairly well respected. This can be a power or integrated amp.

So come on chaps what would you recommend. I would like to keep budget to under £200, but would extend this considerably if the conclusion was "you just must have this xyz amp" but its £800. You know where I am coming from I am sure.


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