I am needing to change the Aeco silver RCA plugs on one of my interconnects for some male XLR plugs. As it is a UP-OCC conductor, I am thinking of getting a plug with some silver plated pure copper connectors. My thoughts were with the ETI or Xhadow. What’s your opinion Colin?


I like a Gold to Gold (Au) Connection and they are plated Copper (Cu) but, they must be formatted Cu,Ni,Au plated. The reason is that Gold will migrate into direct Gold to Copper plating and the Nickel is a good blocking medium to stop this.

No if you can get OCC pin that have been treated this way you may see an improvement

One other reason I am not keen on Silver is that it oxidises in air and in humid climates it is worse.

OK the Silver Oxide conducts but ... not as well as plain Silver. The other problem is that the Oxide wears off and the Silver Oxide dust can be attracted to an electrical circuit, and then we get short circuits, which is not a good idea – ever.

Thank you for the question. CW

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