HARBETH: Integrated amp for Harbeth 40.1’s – 25 (so far) responses


I'm considering simplifying my system (and banking some cash) by selling off my separates (Aesthetix Calypso pre & McIntosh MC 275 MK V) and replacing them with a solid state or hybrid integrated amp. I don't want to spend over $2,500 and would love to find something for less if it performs well... maybe vintage? I want something that has a good support network in case I ever need repairs, so obscure/chinese brands are not being considered. I hear good things about Luxman, Naim and Accuphase with Harbeth, but will need something with enough horsepower to control the Harbeth M-40.1's 12" woofer. Naim is intriguing, but I don't understand how it's connections work and I don't want to change my IC's and speaker cables.


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