LFD AUDIO: What is star earthing and do LFD use it?

Q: Hello Howard. What is star earthing and do LFD use it?

A: Second part first; I don’t know. I'll ask him. I think he does. Meanwhile, courtesy of Paul McGowan, here is as sensible description as I've ever read.

The closest I have come to getting a reasonable explanation is making use of a classic wiring technique known as star wiring. In this technique, one we routinely use for our grounds in the equipment we design, all major pathways for ground currents return to one common point, making a pattern similar to a multi faceted star, as each separated branch fans out from the center of the star.

The advantage to this is in keeping the impedance constant for all branches, the noise on the grounds separated. The technique is similar to that of running dedicated lines in your AC system. The power amplifier’s terminals, in this case, would be the star reference point. Thin reason for sounding better, but at least it has some merit.