Why do the Rolling Stones seem to be erasing all memory of Bill Wyman? Is there that much animosity?

Art Miller, Musician Songwriter Photographer expresses a point of view:

None of the answers below seem to have read the question. Why are the Stones erasing Bill from their history?

Read Bill's excellent autobiography. He never quite fit in. Yes, we all know he was older. But he also didn't take drugs or drink to excess. And, crucially, had more success at getting laid.

He is also the band's archivist. He kept diaries and records of every gig and event during his many years with the band. He was something of an obsessive about this.

Having said all that I don't know why Mick and Keith in particular often make disparaging remarks about Bill. He was much closer to Charlie…and both felt uncomfortable with Mick and Keith dominating the band. Bill states that some of the crucial contributions to compositions were his. This is denied by Mick and Keith, of course.

Bill was also close to Brian and defends his memory whenever possible. He saw Mick and Keith destroying Brian's confidence and sense of self-worth.

Bill was a founding member of the Stones and with them through their very best years. Even he now says he is not quite sure why he left when he did….and admits he would have been richer if he had stayed a few more years into the big money era.

But he's happy now. Good luck to him. Sounds like a decent guy who had his head screwed on during all the madness.

(Yes, I know Bill dated a thirteen year old girl. But they did not have sexual intercourse until they were married. Mandy insisted on that and Bill wisely accepted it. He wasn't grooming her. He loved her and they got married. The groupies were a different matter. All band's did and still do indulge on tour. But there is no mention anywhere of the girls being children.)

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