COLIN WONFOR: Vishay looks good

Colin Wonfor

Dear Colin, Top resistors. Many threads with opinions on boutique coupling capacitors, but very little consolidated information on the sonics of resistors. Do you care to share your thoughts on the attributes of their favorite brands & types for specific tube and SS applications? How much of a difference does a good resistor make? My interest in the topic increased after recently installing the latest Texas Components nude Vishay TX2575 in several SS and tube phono & LS components. This was a proverbial "Ah-ha" moment – a stray resistor dropped into signal path here or there, surprising with an improvement that equaled or surpassed the impact of a switch to a top coupling cap like V-Cap or Mundorf. Thanks.

For SMD resistor I like these

The Vishay ones you mention also look good. WW is out unless Non-Inductive Bi Filar as mentioned before, for Tubes I use 2512 SMD 10ppm for values higher than 47K and 2512 100ppm for value less than 47K. The bigger value the more noise you get and the more prone it is to vibration.

Thank you for the question.

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