Accurate & cheap capacitance meters – are there any?

Colin Wonfor

Dear Colin, Accurate & cheap capacitance meters - are there any? Have decided a capacitance meter will come in handy for taking some of the 'guess work' out of cartridge loading, in terms of being able to measure the real-world capacitance if my phono cable/head shell wires/connectors together. Only problem is one of budget :/ Have you had any luck with the cheap meters like the one below, or even one of the kits as in the second link;

It's something I'm probably only going to use once, so I don't want to spend much. Cheers, John.

Sorry John the listing you have added are no longer there, now try this one 40nF + but also check there kits out available from Maplin cheap and not bad.

Thank you for the question.


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