BATTERY DRIVE: For amplification

Colin Wonfor

Hi Colin. Fashions, come fashions go and from time to time the market has been presented with battery powered devices from preamps, phono stages and power amps. As far as I'm aware you’ve never thought of anything battery driven. Is any particular reason for this? I'm wondering if you think the claimed sonic benefits are in fact an illusion and that people who proclaim the benefits might be self-deluded? Thanks

Battery packs? Well I’ve used them in the Magnum Pre-amp. Battery designs tend to reduce hum loops. And a good PSU has much lower impedance than any battery you can carry. Rechargeable cell are used but the charging regime can be a little complex at times. Also note as the battery voltage falls –i.e. going flat – the impedance worsens …… which defeats the object. Also note as they discharge you get noise caused by gas and micro-bubble bursting causing, yes – you guessed it – noise.

Thank you for the question.


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