Thoughts re the Magnum IA120

Colin Wonfor

Hello Colin. I read the interview. Such a bumpy ride. Congratulations on your ‘re-birth’. Can’t tell if you are into nostalgia but anyway, assuming you are then after all this time, what are your thoughts re your Magnum IA120? I have one. Love it. Curious about IA150 and IA170. Other than power, are there any significant sonic difference or should I wait for your new designs?

Oh dear, the IA150 and the IA170 if I recall are based on a design and PCB I did for my own company ITD. The amp range was known by me as the Oberon and later produced by me under TOCA. (See Photos) Now the version Magnum made was not using the components I originally used and so it sounded rough in my opinion. To make thing cheaper Magnum, changed the design again with the help I think of a designer from Lynx a New Zealand company and went from FETs to Transistors whilst I was at Magnum.

As to sound …… well please listen before you spend you hard earned cash on any amps or speakers> Not all kit can be loved by all people!


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