TECHNICAL: Worn out slider pot

Colin Wonfor

Dear Colin, I write for the USA.I have a worn out slider pot that I opened to inspect. I found the contact fingers had slid over the conductive coating of the resistor track that it has worn thru it down to the bare PCB.

I wish I could find a replacement, but I have not been able to source a 20kBX2 (20k ohm- dual gang- linear taper) here the kicker – it has loudness taps. VERY hard to find. I have the original P/N from sharp- and have tried to order from suppliers, but have been refunded when they find they are out of stock.

So, I am wondering if there is a way to repair the worn down conductive coating? I was thinking a silver conductive paint pen for repairing PCBs, but i dont think that would work. There is no way to get the right resistance with the paint pen, let alone match both channels of the pot. Is there any solution? Cheers. PJ O'Sullivan

Hi PJ, Now it would have been better to send me the part number, but try Alps, and Penny & Giles.

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