HMM: Solid state power amps with valve pre amps / stages?



The unwanted boxes are now out the door freeing up some valuable spending money.

I currently run a NAIM pre/power amp, a fairly beefy NAP180 power i'd be looking to keep (as I love it) and a NAC72 pre with the K phono boards fitted, running through Rogers studio 1 speakers. All fed by a MF X-ray CD spinner or Modified Technics SL1210 with Sumiko MMT arm and Dynavector Karat cart.

A few people, admittedly not here (i think!), have mentioned that Naim power amps make fairly nice partners for valve pre amps or buffer stages. I have never owned any valve gear and the Wam has started to pique my curiosity. Does anyone on here have any experience in this area?

Ideally i'd like to stick with a pre that has a built in phono-stage but I am flexible on this. Budget is around £500 in the kitty and the £300 odd the recently serviced NAC should rake in.

Or should I just do what I always do when I get an itch and just buy another cart!


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