Hi fi for 100 quid?

Ok here's the thing, I've got some friends that I've infected with the vinyl virus (oh yeah!) who want to buy a hi fi system with a turntable as source and they've asked me for help... apparently the money will be available in a few weeks time but the budget is only £100!!! They live in the Winchester/Southampton area and do not have a car or access to a car (neither have I, so I'm not being a lousy friend here!). They are adamant that the budget shouldn't be exceeded, and hope for less! Their musical tastes are mainly classic rock and pop with a touch of 80's indie. No classical or jazz that I know of. They'll be listening mainly at low and mid volume, and definetely NOT at high insane volumes! Buying through websites/ebay is an option to be considered.In summary, what they need:
  • Amplifier with phono
  • Speakers (stands?)
  • Turntable
What are your recommendations? Is it just too crazy ?
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