Howard Popeck get interviewed by Neil McCauley. Part 3 of 3

So what do you believe in, in our industry. Broad-brush rather than precise?

I do believe in common – seemingly increasingly uncommon these days – courtesy. Plasma and home cinema may be a viable market sector but I can't get passionate about it – so I don't demonstrate them. I don't stock cables and mains leads from cable bandits. Will that do?

Thanks. Is there more?


Do you wanna talk about that now?

Not right now if you don’t mind.

You seem pretty certain about your views. But are you?

Pretty much. However … when the facts change then I change my opinion.

What’s the best part of the business for you?

Delightfully I've discovered that many of my customers know more about some aspects of music than I do. So it's a pleasure to me learn from them. It's one of the biggest joys of my work.

Personal ethos when applied to Stereonow Ltd?

Oh yes – sneaky question. I like it! My ethos is …….. I don't follow leaders. Not ever!

Thank you

Thank you Neil

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