Design priorities

Colin Wonfor

Mr. Wonfor. Do you have any particular priorities, other than the obvious one of sound quality and safety when you approach the design of audiophile amps?

To be honest, and this is going to sound/read odd. I normally wake from sleep with ideas, then try them out. For example it a new style of amp, then it must sound right to me. More often than not, I 'hear' the circuit design in my head before building it. Then I see if it could be made and then I check if it can be made safe.

The odd one I had was a moving coil stage when I started MIH before Magnum. It uses my pal Kirchhoff and his laws, I suggest you look him up. Odd this subject has come up three time this week on forums and now here, but: Sound, then safe, then RFI, then EMC etc in that order.


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