COLIN WONFOR: Inca Tech Claymore reissue

Colin Wonfor

From our archives

Hello Colin. I read the answer re reissues of Inca Tech. What will be the first release, when might we see it and what will the retail price be please?

At this moment funding to be honest is non existent. Food and a home is more important to me, so no plans to re-start Inca Tech, Magnum, MIH, Dreadnought, I.T.D. or Inca Design just yet … but yes, these are planned

I do however have new circuits for a new Claymore and other products including cables.

The Claymore will be without ‘digital lies’ and without horrid noise-producing remote controls, but as to RRP not a clue – yet. My trouble might be I will run out of ticker time before I can make all the things I want to do. But the good news is …… or maybe not …… all my ideas will be published, from Piezo motors to solar panel ideas and cable designs and amps in a book I have started.



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