TRILOGY AUDIO: Colin Wonfor involvement?

Colin Wonfor

Hi Colin. Is it true you were involved with Trilogy audio?

I have not had any significant input into Trilogy. Nic and I are old friends. We’ve known each other for 30+ years from when he first started. He and I bat ideas of each other and have worked together on other projects, including airfield lighting …. Brrr; Glasgow is cold in winter at 2.00am.

I saw him not so long ago he came over for dinner and we talked about FET drive circuits, two boring old gits eating a lovely meal and wrecking the conversation about DeadEnders on TV (sorry fans).

We also worked on some power regulation and filtering technique, but I never added anything to Nic's lovely valve amps. And he never trusted me with a hammer "as I like the sound of breaking glass" near his babies.


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