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Dear Sir Howard (well everything is possible).

I look forward to your newsletters, Simply-STAX & Listen Carefully ever since their inceptions. Some of it washes over me yet some of the content sticks with me for months.

Thank you.

By way of example I relate to a comment you made some time ago, that you had been 'summoned' to visit Max Townshend earlier this year.

Actually, invited. He wanted to discuss a business proposition, but we could not reach agreement. Mrs T felt they already had more business than they could cope with. Mr T however seemed keener to discuss these ideas. Not wishing to cause friction, I didn't mention it again during the meeting and never did subsequently. The rest of that evening was spent munching biscuits and talking about music.

I have tried since, without success, to find the said news article / email. I remembered your comment because for years I have been a follower of Townshend and at the time of reading about your impending visit I remarked to myself that Max must have something new in the bag!

He did. It just wasn't something I wanted to be involved in.

I was looking forward to the outcome. I remembered having read your interview with him some years ago, quite a number of times actually. I found it refreshing that Max Townshend came across as a sort of 'anti-establishment' street hero who seemed snubbed by his peers in the UK, yet, quite properly, showed no desire to have to prove himself to the industry - only the customer. I like that spirit.

You have summed it up correctly.

Anyway, as I said, I have always been drawn to some of his gear. I have the Glastonbury IIs powered by his dual mono 85w Elite Townshend Amps and Elite Townshend Pre-Amp, (all working perfectly okay). Well last week I talked to Max on the 'phone regarding sending all the gear from Barcelona to him for a general service. Never having met the man I could visualise him relative to your article. Something he mentioned in passing reminded me that you never did follow up that promise to inform your newsletter about the reason for your visit with him. I may have missed it but your search engine reveals nothing new of Max.

Correct. There is nothing new to report.

I am now wondering if good old Max Townshend has anything to do with these new Podium 1s?

No way whatsoever. Max by inclination and temperament is a cone man, not a panel man.

It certainly does not seem to be his type of production, but then Max cannot exactly be pigeon-holed in the same way major manufacturers are. He has taken chances before, has gone down avenues seemingly on an educated whim and best of all, he is his own boss.

True. Very true.

Whilst it would be a massive re-direction for him to go in, from his Glastonbury IIIs, he could still justify his position if he showed engineering collaboration with a third party. The reply on your website from the makers:-

“We are very appreciative of all the questions and the enthusiasm for Podium-1. Thank you all. We hope you will understand and perhaps sympathise with our view that in an industry so corrupted by hype, misinformation, disinformation and half-truths, we want the speakers to speak for themselves. We believe the sensible way to help you reach a decision is not load you up with brand images, technology issues and insincere words written by overpaid PR people. This industry is full of them.

We have just two statements to make currently, in addition to our thanks.

(1) If you want a boxy sound, then buy a box loudspeaker and …

(2) The message is always more important than the messenger. Music is the message and Podium-1 is just the messenger.

seems to me to be truly "Max Townshend".

Yes it does doesn't it?. It wasn't though.

Mr Townshend would have more reason than most for remaining in the shadows, as I have outlined above when I said that he appeared not well received by his own industry; he would not normally be concerned about this with his own inventions, but might not wish to jeopardise a partner at the first hurdle of a new product.

Well, that might be an interesting strategy - for someone. Max very much ploughs his own field. Always has. Probably always will.

Howard, I might be barking completely up the wrong tree, but this air of secrecy stirs up the juices and my over active mind has reacted by putting 2 and 2 together. It is quite conceivable that I have got 5,

I think you may have achieved a 7, if not more.

However, have you contemplated opening a page on you site inviting reasoned guesses as to who has brought out the Podium 1s? Might be some fun:-)

Well, it's an idea and might be fun too. However, ultimately it will prove fruitless.

I'll continue to nip into your sites from time to time, meanwhile I wish you continued success...keep it all coming.

Thank you

Howard Popeck

Best regards

Stephen Mc Daid

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