A One-click iTunes Alternative to Transfer Music/Video/Photo from iPhone to Mac

There’s no getting around it: transferring content between your iPhone and your Mac can be an effort. It’s also a necessity. iPhone storage doesn’t come cheap, and the more we shoot 12 megapixel photos and 4K video, download high-resolution audio or play graphically-intensive games, the faster it’s going to run out. Some events, like a new version of iOS to download, put additional demands on the few GB you have remaining, while a week away on holiday could have your iPhone bursting at the seams with video and snaps.

What’s more, Apple’s default ways to transfer media, e.g. transfer music from iPhone to Mac aren’t necessarily the most effective. Use iCloud as a cloud-based transfer hub and you’ll need to keep paying for additional capacity, while the speed of transfer isn’t exactly lightning-fast. Meanwhile, iTunes always seems to make hard work of simple tasks. Want to just get several GB of photos, videos or music off iPhone to Mac and then free up space? You can guarantee that iTunes will make a meal of it. And if you want to back up iPhone photo, music and video content ready to transfer it to a brand new iPhone 8 or iPhone X? Between the transfer to Mac and the transfer to iPhone you’re going to have to endure a few long waits.

Then there are the restrictions. iCloud and iTunes play well with iTunes content, but not those sourced elsewhere. Wouldn’t it be great to have an iPhone manager that didn’t limit what you could transfer, that did it quickly, easily and with a minimum of fuss?

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