A Lone Star State Of Mind (CD) by Johnny Cash

A Lone Star State Of Mind (CD)

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In April of 1994, Johnny Cash released American Recordings, his first collaboration with Rick Rubin, who would serve as Cash's producer until his 2005 death. Under Rubin's stewardship, Cash would reinvent himself for the final time, and later cover, among others, Soundgarden's ‘Rusty Cage’, U2's ‘One’, and Nine Inch Nails' ‘Hurt’. But it was not just the novelty value of contemporary covers that cemented Cash's reputation as an icon and hero to a generation of college students born two decades after he first achieved fame. Rather, it was the dark honesty conveyed by Cash's coarse voice and years of hard living accompanied by an ominous sounding acoustic guitar. On 17th March 1994, Cash had served as the keynote speaker at South by Southwest and played Emo's, an alternative rock club on Austin's noted Sixth Street, that night.

On 8th December, Cash returned to Austin as part of the American Recordings tour, for a show at the Frank Erwin Center. This CD contains the full FM broadcast of this remarkable gig, a performance which for many fans spearheaded Johnny Cash’s 1990s revival.

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