BUDGET AUDIO: The 8 best budget speakers that will still make your vinyl sing

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Paul Rigby writes:  Buying speakers can be an absolute nightmare, especially if you’re on a budget. People might tell you that you’ll need to break the bank to get the best from your record collection but Paul Rigby thinks otherwise. Having explored the pricier compact speaker earlier this year, here’s our pick of the 8 best budget speakers that will still make your vinyl sound fantastic.

One of the fashionable flavours within the rapidly developing download and digital cultures is the high definition label HD pinched, rather sneakily, from the AV industry, where HD TVs are the de rigeur these days. Most recently, for example, you are seeing talk of HD music streaming from a variety of services and associated hardware.

For analogue fans, the notion of HD is pretty old hat. Vinyl was ‘HD’ when it was invented in the ’50s. Actually, manufacturers of vinyl-based turntables freely admit that they have yet to thoroughly mine the analogue seam of sound quality. They know that there is still, remarkably, plenty to come. This means that analogue ‘chains’ (the name given to a hi-fi system), are still finding ...........

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