JOE LOVANO: A Far Out Fugue

Originally posted April 2011

Robert Baird writes .....

Whistling ductwork, whirring fans, murmuring pipes—along with being jazz's most storied location, a living shrine to the memories of Bill Evans, John Coltrane, and so many others, Manhattan's Village Vanguard, on Seventh Avenue South, was, on this winter's night, the Das Boot of jazz. In every corner, every stairwell, every square foot of available backstage space, some kind of furnace machinery audibly ground, banged, and/or wheezed away.All I really wanted was a little quiet so I could record an interview with tenor-sax great Joe Lovano, whose latest album, Bird Songs, was opening ears anew to the wonders of Charlie Parker. There are times when journalism demands extreme measures. Anything for the interview, right?

"Joe, maybe we should go into the men's room? Together."

Thankfully, .....

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