Initial thoughts were that the new amp was harsh with too much top end, but as I listen more and more i think that the harshness is nothing more than extra detail at the high end freqs. Bass bounces along very nicely, is clearly controlled very well, and the whole soundstage thing is every bit as good as with the 300Bs. The combo is clearly a whole lot better than the Linn combos i'd used previously.

Youngest son, a guitar player, came down from his room yesterday and enthused about how the guitars sound more like proper guitars than they did. I've played a whole load of rock on the system, it's just so...rocking, and will need to report back when i get round to listening to some more subtle tunes.

So, to my great surprise the amps are now firmy in place in the main system and I can't see them going for quite a bit."



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