The Music Server of the Future: Your Phone


Doug Schneider writes .....

According to, 122.32 million smartphones were sold in 2007, the year the first iPhone was released. In 2016, almost 1.5 billion smartphones were sold, and there’s no reason to believe this growth will stop anytime soon. According to a January 12, 2017 article by the Pew Research Center, 77% of Americans own a smartphone, up from 35% in 2011.

Technically, smartphones are advancing more rapidly than laptop and desktop computers, because the potential markets for them are so large and varied. Look at Apple. They’ve put a little more focus on their computers this year in response to criticism for letting their computer technologies fall behind, but few have noticed -- what’s on everyone’s mind is the forthcoming iPhone 8. Samsung makes laptops, but you’d hardly know it -- the vanguard of their brand is their phones.

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