SO ….. how much “spare” kit do you have ? know, those bits of back-up kit that never left when you got the new one......... I have to confess, as I am clearing my loft, I have stacked up the following in my garage today:

  • 4 x cd players
  • 1 x Squeezebox
  • 2 x tuners
  • 1 x turntable
  • 1 x TT wall shelf
  • 3 x amps
  • 1 x DAC
  • 1 x Phono stage
  • 3 x pairs headphones
  • 1 x Tube buffer
  • 1 x centre speaker
  • 4 x pairs speakers
  • Cables by the dozen

All this is standing idle, my three systems are all still running. There are some great sounding combos here! I have been having my own bake-off all day! My wife is a saint. The stack is quite embarrassing, will try and get pics up later. May have to put some stuff on "Spirit" thread or Classifieds...... Anyone else like to confess?


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