INFINITY: IRS Beta – 27 year new speaker

Paul McGowan writes:

Thanks to Herb Reichert from Stereophile for this great photo of the PS Audio room at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, better known simply as RMAF.

The room was packed all three days and we had a blast saying hello to the community. Coolest of all were the 27-year-new loudspeakers we 'introduced' to the high-end world; a system David Robinson of Positive Feedback Magazine gave us his Oasis award for "truly fine sound and providing a haven for the weary audio traveler".

Pictured are the Infinity IRS Betas, fed from the DirectStream DAC and powered by a pair of Bascom King's new PerfectWave amps. I found a virgin unused pair lovingly stored in a warehouse. They are in new condition and they are still breaking in! The design is all planar magnetic (ribbon) down to approximately 100Hz. There, a servo driven woofer setup takes over extending the bass response to 16Hz. Few systems today can equal their performance.

We were blessed by having its designer, Arnie Nudell, set them up for best sound in the room. These sounded so good, in fact, we received numerous 'best sound in show' awards from magazines.

Here's Herb Reichert's comments from Stereophile.

" . . . I got to hear vintage audio-salon chestnuts like the Eagles' Hotel California, played through a NOS pair of Infinity IRS Beta speakers. (If they were mine, I would have got their designer Arnie Nudell to sign them right there on the spot!) Getting to hear an old song played through vintage speakers via brand new, leading-edge electronics seemed very revealing of how far we've come and where we are now—design-wise and audio aesthetic-wise. "

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