Design pride

Colin Wonfor

Dear Colin, Can you tell us a little – or a lot if you wish – about the Integrated Amp design you are most proud and why please?

The Claymore come to mind – the Inca Tech Claymore – it was designed on a whim for a US based company that never came back to me, I since found out the owner had died.

The original only had MM and two other input and used early Hitachi FET's, but is soon became apparent music lovers were moving from MM to MC so I redesigned it to have both and with new FET;s from Toshiba having already tried IR's FET's which proved to be useless.

The other Integrated Amp I was most proud of started life for yet another company in Cambridge but the design artwork was removed from my keeping and ended up being the Magnum A Class Integrated without my consent.

Next, at the end of Inca Tech life, I did a 4-channel amp called the Inca Tech Quatra. It was only about 20W/channel and was designed to be used as a Bi-Amp Integrated, but I let Oxford Acoustics use the design and has they went under it emerged under what I am convinced are / were dubious circumstances  and used and remarketed under the name Lecson at a time which Stan had nothing to do with.  Shit old day. This industry has not changed much, to be honest. Ideas are stolen everyday by people that could not imagine nor design anything new.

Thank you


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