The problem with insurers.

 "Holy moley - what a hassle! Was looking at an alternative to Hiscox as insurers. Fancied John Lewis who have changed from Axa to RSA and thought that was good as the old underwriters consider my area as subsidence risk so wouldn't cover buildings anyway. RSA cover it no problem. Selected highest level of cover - unlimited and got a decent quote. Yippee! Gave them a ring to check hifi cover. Seems that they class it as valuables with a total limit of 40K. Since when is hifi classed as valuables? There you go. Put through to their specialist section. Very nice and will cover all no problem. Except I must have surge protection fitted in case of lightening damage. Oh get lost! As if....
God bless Hiscox after all who have no such clauses.... but at a price! Maybe I should flog it all and settle on just headphones - save me a fortune"

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