One thought on “Good Enough HFi ?

  1. I’m going to retire soon and have caviar taste on a hamburger budget. Looking to put together a new audio system for a space approximately 18ft x 22ftx 8ft. I’m leaning towards a 5.1.2 system. So far I’m going with a Yamaha 3060 receiver, OPPO 203, polk rtia9 main speakers, magnepan mmg for rear, klipsch for center channel. Sub & elevation is up in the air. Any suggestions that could produce better sound within my budget, or suggestions for sub or elevation? I figure the polk have a low enough bottom that I can get away with a single 12 or 15 inch sub.I know it’s a weird combination but I heard a pair of old polk with a pair of maggies in a 2channel configuration that actually sounded quite sweet and open.

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