PLAINSONG: In Search Of Amelia Earhart (CD)

In Search Of Amelia Earhart (CD)


Plainsong was originally a British country rock/folk rock band, formed in early 1972 by Ian (later Iain) Matthews, formerly of Fairport Convention; Andy Roberts, previously of The Liverpool Scene; Dave Richards; and Bob Ronga. The original group split up before the end of 1972 but, since the early 1990s, Matthews and Roberts intermittently performed and recorded together, with other musicians, as Plainsong

  1.  For The Second Time  Plainsong
  2.  Yo Yo Man  Plainsong
  3.  Louise  Plainsong
  4.  Call The Tune  Plainsong
  5.  Diesel On My Tail  Plainsong
  6.  Amelia Earhart's Last Flight  Plainsong
  7.  I'll Fly Away  Plainsong
  8.  True Story Of Amelia Earhart  Plainsong
  9.  Even The Guiding Light  Plainsong
  10.  Side Roads  Plainsong
  11.  Raider  Plainsong


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