Yamaha CR-1000 vintage receiver; opinions differ – a lot!


Why I have have done this I really can't answer with much conviction - it's so far from what I like to listen to day-to-day, but after much deliberation and research into what's hot and what's not, I've bought a 1975 Yamaha CR-1000 receiver. My only excuse is that despite loathing the sound of sand these days, I've a cobra-like fascination with the stare of a mongoose and the said mammal is the remembered sound of 70s tuners which, sigh, were actually quite nice to listen to. Comparatively. And as I remember.

Yes. This is a slow motion car crash, but my thought is if the Yam utterly sucks sound wise then I'll pass it on and hopefully not loose much. It's vintage hifi and an' all that. So....

Dip in and out HERE

EDITORIAL NOTE: The opinions expressed in the above post do not necessarily reflect those of our editorial team – just in case you wondered. Neil McCauley


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