The Single Speaker Listening Room revisited


The thread starts: Having recently bought an LP12 & been reading all sorts of associated literature I keep coming across comments insisting that ones listening room should only have one pair of loudspeakers in it, be they in use or not. Some of the stuff I've been reading even goes so far as to say the loudspeaker in a telephone will be detrimental. This raises a couple of questions in my mind: the main room I've been listening to music in lately (which is not, unfortunately, the location of my turntable), is an open plan living/dining room/kitchen that is mine & my girlfriend's main living space. As such it contains all the stuff one needs to live (ie it's most certainly NOT a dedicated listening room) incl a television, complete with rarely used internal speakers, a 2channel amp and speakers (for music) and a HT processor and rear speakers for watching TV. The point I'm making is that in a normal, lived in listening space used for more than just music, there's rather a lot more than just the two loudspeakers necessary for listening to music.

In the room where my turntable lives there are various speakers deemed part of my 'collection' that cannot be housed anywhere else but which I certainly wouldn't want to part with. By the 'single speaker listening room' logic, they must all be causing harm. If a telephone is bad news then surely a pair of headphones must be too. It'd be a right pain in the ass moving stuff around to prove whether there is any truth in this, although it does sound logical, so I was wondering if anyone has any experience & further thoughts on this subject. And where additional, unused speakers housed within ones listening room are concerned, would linking the positive and negative input terminals to stop the speakers diaphragms moving about be worthwhile.....? Any thoughts gratefully received, even if it's just to say stop barking up an out-dated flat earth tree...

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