The Life of a Song: The fascinating stories behind 50 of the world’s best-loved songs Hardcover – 21 Sep 2017 by David Cheal (Author),‎ Jan Dalley (Author)

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50 Songs, from My Way to Auld Lang Syne get a few pages of descriptions about their meaning and the stories behind the writing of them in this entertaining book that should be a hit with any one who has more than a passing interest in music.

I knew most of the songs, but it's not a necessity to do so (and in any case the songs are but a click of spotify or you tube away) and in fact some of the more interesting pieces may well turn out to be about the songs you are less than familiar with.

It's an easy, informative read that thanks to it's bite size chapters is good to pick up for 5-10 minutes at a time for a nice quick read.

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