THE ELECTRIC PRUNES: Mass In F Minor / Release Of An Oath (CD)

We are told:

 Released in 1967 and 1968 these Electric Prunes
albums were certainly something different ie
progressive, psychedelic, religious rock.
 The “Mass In F Minor” is best known for the song
‘Kyrie Eleison’ which was featured in the movie
soundtrack of Easy Rider. Instrumentally the Prunes
only appeared on the first three tracks. Jim Lowe,
whose vocals were double-tracked for effect, later
commented “David Axelrod was so far above what we
as a garage band were able to deliver that outside
musicians were used to complete the recording,
including members of Canadian band The Collectors
(later to become Chilliwack)”.
 “Release Of An Oath” is based on one of the most
sacred Jewish prayers, the Kol Nidre which is recited
on the eve of Yom Kippur.
 Both albums feature orchestra and top Los Angeles
studio musicians. They were written and arranged by
David Axelrod.
 The ideal coupling of two classic albums.

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