The Room Measurement Thread

I recently acquired a UMIK-1 room measurement microphone as I thought it would be fun to measure my in-room speaker response. I am hoping others will follow suit so we can be geeks together :)

So here is the measured in room response of my PMC TwoTwo 6 Active Studio Monitors: (I will measure the Neumann KH310 and my desktop Yamaha HS50m over the coming days)

Can someone help me interpret this? It looks like the -3dB point is 30Hz (!) relative to 1KHz. Am I reading that right? If so, that's pretty impressive for a 6.5 inch driver.

Other than that

  • The low end looks a little strong (and lumpy) relative to the rest of the response.
  • There is a suckout between 100Hz - 400Hz
  • Are those peaks at 60Hz, 95Hz, 150Hz, 225Hz room modes?

I've currently got the speakers placed only 20cm from the rear wall. This is unusual for my room as most other speakers need around 45cm of space behind them. However, the PMCs don't seem to suffer any of the usual downfalls (loss of image depth and projection into the room) from close to wall siting. I guessed that they had been designed this way.

Perhaps I could pull them a little further out to balance the bottom end with the rest of the spectrum...


Anyone else fancy having a go?

Dip in and out HERE

Many preowned classic examples for sale HERE

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