A POINT OF VIEW: Some interesting high end Chinese DAC’s

Hi, I have been looking around for a new DAC that wouldn't ruin me financally. What I found was that Chinese designers are hard at work to bring very high end converters to the market that cost from 500 to 1200 $ whith specs reserved in much more expensive devices in the past. Some interesting ones I came across are listed here. All have good reviews for what that is worth. Some have dual PSU's and some have dual decoder chips and dual PSU's.

I had a Yulong DA8 Mk1 which was excellent. I can only suppose that these new generation DACs are even better.

Does anyone have any first hand experience with one of these devices ?


LKS MH-DA003 and here
Gustard X20 and Gustard X12
Yulong DA8 Mk2
Aune S16


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