Amp to drive 86db 4ohm speakers

I've bought some nice Audio Physic Sparks from the wam Unfortunately, they sound terrible with my NAD 3020...don't know if it's not driving them properly, but it's a horrible combination. Sound great with my Behringer A500 but I need that for another system.

So - what should I buy? Apparently the speaker impedance barely falls below 4ohm - so not *that* hard a load - but if the experience with my NAD is anything to go by a bit of power wouldn't hurt. Thinking of getting an old AV amp - an in-built DAC would be handy, and I don't know if any of the newer one's offer decent room correction for a stereo system or I'd be better with a separate box for that?

Happy to buy used. Budget's a couple of hundred (given that I'll just buy another Behringer if I don't find something I like) - though could add another couple of hundred if it's an all-singing box with DAC plus decent room correction (oh, and streaming wouldn't hurt...) that will stop me buying other bits later! Any suggestions?


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