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Despite what I said on the previous page – we might not be right for you.

This site is aimed at people who are dissatisfied with the editorial biases and attitudes of many of the global printed magazines. Our approach is different. For example, compare our policy re interviewing audio designers.

All interviews by us are free to the makers e.g. we don’t insist on the interviewee committing to a series of adverts merely to get interviewed. Unlike the other magazines, we don’t edit the interview in order to help the ad manager to squeeze in yet another advert. Ever wondered why interviews in some mags seem so disjointed? That’s because at the last minute the original text has been butchered to squeeze in that advert. We don’t do that. You get the idea I’m sure.

The big idea

So our big idea was, and remains to offer an agile editorial policy which means that the profile and characteristics of the articles here is driven by the aspirations of the readers!

How? Simple…

We analyse the various statistics and metrics of the site visitors on a month by month basis.  We identify the nine most popular categories (we have dozens incidentally) and then we focus on the top four, sometimes five and we provide more of those articles and relegate the others.

So what’s in and what’s out

Re equipment, visitors numbers are split nearly equally between articles on new and those focused on vintage.

Interviews with audio designers are as popular as equipment test reviews.There aren’t many opera-loving visitors here and so we’ve cut back on that. In contrast, blues is more popular here than jazz.

This month, section with the highest visits is the  What we like music recommendations

There’s a lot more to all this, but you probably agree that’s enough for now.


We’re not trying to compete against What HiFi and other mainstream sites. This site is for anyone seeking interesting, informed content which you’ll struggle to find anywhere else

Thank you

Neil McCauley / HiFi Answers editor in chief