Harbeth speaker m40.2 close up

Driving an unlimited quantity of qualified sales leads to official Harbeth distributors for just £1.87 / $2.34 USD / 2.19 EU per day

This promotion is not directly connected in any way to any dealer promotion that Harbeth Audio Ltd might be operating at any time


  • We generate qualified sales leads from people interested in Harbeth products in a way never seen before and which is more cost-efficient than any other process seen to date
  • If the system doesn't generate a profit for you then you get all your money back - and that's guaranteed!
  • We are not only the fastest growing online audiophile magazine (so we are told) but probably the one with the highest annual readership. In 2016 we attracted > 3m hits.
  • We have > 130 specific posts about Harbeth. You can view these at http://www.hifianswers.com/tag/harbeth-audio/
  • Every day, 5 days a week, every week, we add at least one fresh Harbeth story to the vault
  • In the past 12 months, a Harbeth story has appeared in the top nine most read posts per 24 hours every day 24/7
  • Our Twitter feed averages 2.37k impressions every 24 hours https://twitter.com/AudiophileStuff

What these facts mean if you are involved in selling Harbeth loudspeakers:

  • This means that this site probably achieves more Harbeth hits per day, per month and per year than any other site and you can benefit from this because your contact details can appear at the end of each Harbeth post.
  • Please click http://www.hifianswers.com/2017/03/harbeth/ to see an example.
  • Currently your contact details are only appear on ONE Harbeth post but for a small monthly fee your contact details will appear at the foot of EVERY Harbeth post.

The cost:

The hyperlink to your site will appear at the foot of EVERY Harbeth post under the Where To Buy section for 12 months (renewable at your request) for just £1.87 or $2.34 USD or  2.19 EU payable monthly by PayPal @ £56.88 or $71.10 USD or  66.55 EU.

  • No contract
  • You can cancel at any time without penalty
  • If via our system you fail to make a profit then all your money is refunded

The probability of a worthwhile return on your £56.88 or $71.10 USD or  66.55 EU monthly investment:

First, on average every month (over the previous seven months) 3,773 people open a Harbeth post here. If your hyperlink appears at the foot of every post then it will be exposed to a similar number of people interested in the brand.

Realistically though on a tiny proportion will be in your Country. Let's say just 1% which mean 377 people find your link relevant.

However, perhaps only a tiny proportion of that 377 (say, 1%) will be realistic prospects. This leaves potentially 37 per month @ a total cost of £56.88 or $71.10 USD or  66.55 EU which is around £1.50 per lead.

How does that compare to your print-based magazine advertising cost-per-response?

What next?

If this is of interest then please contact our sales team HERE

Finally, a question for you if we may:

Assume just ONE Harbeth additional sale PER YEAR from this promotion from this modest monthly investment; you would still be in profit. Isn't that correct?

Thank you